Interested in buying a property? Please visit…


Interested in buying a property? Please visit…

Our model

The Group has a proven business model of buying land, securing detailed planning consent and then building, selling and managing high-quality developments across the UK that are specifically designed to meet the lifestyle needs of retirees.

Our customers

A distinct and growing customer base

  • Target customer age: over 60s in Retirement Living, over 70s in Retirement Living Plus (formerly known as Assisted Living) and over 55s in Lifestyle Living (formerly known as Ortus Homes)
  • Older owner-occupiers who are keen to downsize into attractive and secure housing with shared benefits and companionship
  • Those who wish to maintain their independence with support on-hand if and when required
  • Addressing undersupply of homes dedicated to the needs of older customers
  • Design

    Apartments specifically designed around the needs of older customers

  • Land and planning

    A tailored approach to land and planning

  • Build

    Repeatable build processes

  • Sales and marketing

    Marketing proposition and sales approach tailored to our customers

  • Management

    A specialised management services offering

  • Higher density than traditional housebuilding
  • Developments built to Lifetime Homes Standards or above, for lasting quality
  • Solely apartments with an average of 41 units per development
  • Lower parking ratios due to lower car ownership, given the average age of our homeowners and the central location of our properties
  • Ongoing innovation with apartment types and designs to address the changing needs and aspirations of our customers
  • Sites are well located within towns and cities and are typically 0.5 to 3.0 acres in size
  • Less competition for our sites from traditional housebuilders, who tend to be interested in larger, usually greenfield, locations
  • Limited on-site affordable housing requirements and mitigated impact of Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy payments
  • Experienced, specialist in-house planning team
  • Optimisation of development density through reduced on-site parking and amenity space requirements
  • Majority of materials purchased using national framework agreements, leveraging the Group’s nationwide buying power
  • Standard designs and short build cycles give the Group good visibility over build costs and allow favourable terms with suppliers and contractors to be negotiated
  • 39 years’ experience in designing and building apartments in a way to increase accessibility and ease of living for the later years
  • Experienced sales and marketing teams who understand how to sell to this customer base
  • High-quality product which captures a significant new build premium
  • Homeowners buy their apartment plus access to shared areas, management and support services, delivering unique lifestyle benefits
  • Priced to attract older people wishing to downsize and release equity
  • MSMS, a subsidiary company, delivers management services in new Retirement Living and Ortus Homes developments
  • A flexible personal care and support service in Assisted Living developments is provided by YLMS, which is owned 50/50 by MSMS and Somerset Care Group, a large and experienced not-for-profit care provider

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