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Interested in buying a property? Please visit…

Our values

McCarthy & Stone is determined to build a culture of excellence among its employees, recognising achievements and opportunities for development throughout the business. In 2013, the Group consulted with employees to agree new company values; from its House Managers to Construction Directors, these are the principles the Group holds dear and which employees aspire to achieve in their working lives.

Our values are:

  • Be passionate about everything you do
  • Focus on contributing to an excellent experience for our customers
  • Work to inspire and motivate colleagues, working together
  • Put energy into making us the best we can be
  • Personal responsibility for high achievement throughout the business
  • Promote team working through your own commitment to team goals
  • Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others
  • Be true to company values – Do the right thing
  • Look for innovative solutions that will enrich the lives of our customers
  • Develop great ideas that make us the best
  • Actively share your expertise and knowledge with colleagues
  • Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Be determined to deliver to the highest standards
  • Focus on achieving business success
  • Don’t give up when faced with difficulty
  • Always keep things simple for our customers
  • Strive for excellence
  • Go ‘the extra mile’ to deliver excellent results
  • Build effective relationships based on trust and respect
  • Continuously develop your own skills and knowledge

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We take pride in the work we do. By living up to theses values, and bringing them into our day-to-day work, we achieve our ultimate aim of Enriching Lives.

  • Commit to enriching the lives of our customers
  • Seek to improve others’ experience of working at McCarthy & Stone
  • Promote opportunities for colleagues to enrich the lives of others
  • Encourage others to live the Company’s values

Some companies might call this their ‘mission statement’, but it is much more than this to us. It is the ‘glue’ that binds us together as a company; together we all strive to enrich the lives of our homeowners and of each other.