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Interested in buying a property? Please visit…

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

McCarthy & Stone is the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder. We are committed to delivering excellent products and services, and to understand, balance and respect the interests of all of our stakeholders with our business activities.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee reviews, and makes recommendations regarding, the Group’s employee, health & safety, environmental and community engagement responsibilities and its sustainability activities. Other responsibilities include promoting a positive environment for employees, considering the Group’s impact on, and role within, the communities in which we operate and promoting good sustainable and environmental business practices.

Our aims are:

  1. to establish and promote the Group’s reputation as a good corporate citizen and to improve the level of trust in the Company
  2. to have a positive impact on, role within, and contribution to, the communities in which we operate
  3. to enrich the lives of our customers by delivering exceptional products and services
  4. to promote greater recognition of the housing implications of the UK’s ageing population and the growing need for better housing choices for older people, including the provision of specialist retirement housing
  5. to build a culture of excellence in health and safety
  6. to promote a sustainable and ethical approach to managing the business
  7. to achieve high standards of environmental compliance and to minimise the impact of the Group’s business activities on the environment in which we operate
  8. to create an environment in which all employees contribute to, and benefit from, the Group’s success through the promotion of good employment practices and diversity
  9. to be an employer of choice within the housebuilding industry and beyond and to create a high-performing, ethical, engaging, and vibrant working environment and culture which creates success for all our stakeholders
  10. to build a culture of excellence with recognition of achievements and opportunities for development
  11. to build strong long-term partnering relationships with the Group’s suppliers (including sub-contractors and consultants) and pay promptly in return for good quality at a fair price.

April 2016